The world was colourless and dull. She didn’t fit, as much as tried (oh god did she try), she just didn’t belong.

She had no place in this world.

The light shone bright in the dark, drawing her head from her folded arms. A mysterious ball of light circled around her head before flying to the other end of the room, hovering in front of the mirror as if waiting for her to follow. Slowly she stood and approached the mirror. 

The reflection was not her own. 

The girl in the mirror was bright and colourful and most certainly not her. Astonished she reached out to touch the reflection staring back at her with equal curiosity and disbelief, only to have her hand pass through the reflective surface as though it were liquid. Gasping she withdrew her hand.

She had no place in this world.

With a deep breath and a resolute mind she stepped through into the world in the mirror.