Helping Saint Vincent's Grow is a fund raising campaign in celebration of the Saint Vincent's Nursing Home's 50th year of caring for the elderly. In collaboration with Jocelyn Lee, Mikaela Barnett and Elliot Creba, we developed a campaign strategy for the nursing home to bring recognition to the institutions years of quality service and raise funds for the addition of a greenhouse off of the home's Windsor Room.

After interviewing four Continuing Care Assistants working at Saint Vincent's we came to the realization that our solution would have to address the needs of the residents, rather than the CCAs. We also noted the environment of the home felt very much like a hospital, little natural lighting, lack of vegetation and community spaces lacked a comfortable and welcoming feel.

Our solution was the addition of a 'Green Zone', an area that was secure, brings nature inside and creates a community area for everyone to enjoy. The nursing home already had a large patio off the Windsor Room that is used for barbecues and a few residents like to sunbathe on, it was the perfect spot to add a greenhouse. The greenhouse would not only provide residents with a relaxing area, but also allow for residents the opportunity to take up gardening as a hobby, socialize with other residents and nurses, and the extra exposure to sunlight can help regulate sleeping patterns and even prevent seasonal depression. Potentially a greenhouse could even provide the nursing home the benefit of growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, cutting down on the cost of food.

Along with creating 3D models of what the space could potentially look like, we created a promotional poster, a brochure detailing Saint Vincent's mission statement, specifications about the potential greenhouse and information on how to donate, we redesigned their donation forms (which were included in the brochures), and we created Thank You cards and seed packets that would be given to anyone that donated, inviting them to grow with Saint Vincent's Nursing Home.

We chose the Hydrangea as our flower because it symbolizes heartfelt emotion and gratitude, which we felt was appropriate to represent the cause and the amazing work Continuing Care Assistants do.