As a recently graduated student and collector of many things (namely copic markers), space can frequently be an issue. Even with bookshelves, storage bins, dressers, desks and shelves I still find myself struggling to find a place to put my tea mug while working or where to put my ever growing collection of sketch books. I decided to take this dilemma and turn it into a design opportunity. I designed two different coffee tables that addressed the need of maximizing storage while also taking up minimal space.

The first design is a table made out of a combination of cherry wood and glass. It features four deep drawers for storing books, paper and various objects. A plank of solid wood between the two sides of drawers create a cubby area for more storage.

The second design is a teak wood table with six drawers along the front and back of the table for storage. The 'legs' of the table are three strips of solid wood that create a hollow opening that allows for the storage of shoes, slippers or other small objects.